Sunday, June 19, 2016

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The World's greatest Carpet Cleaning has arrived !

Carpet Cleaning Has Changed - Rotovac is Sweeping the nation
The new advanced rotary power wands will change carpet cleaning for ever. Nothing like this has ever happened in 20 years. Experience the Rotovac 360 XL cleaning system in your home today. This is the finest hour for carpet cleaning,we believe it will become the world's greatest carpet cleaning system available , Rotovac can flush out more dogie dander contaminates , pet urine than ever before.

 Truly the deepest steam cleaning we've ever seen
 The 360 XL make 1500 cleaning and dry passes per minute were a traditional scrub wand makes 4. The best benefit is it  will get more stains out , carpets stay cleaner longer combined with the worlds fastest dry times. The rotary system has a mechanical advantage that can't be beat.

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